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    Load Balancing in Reverse Proxy  Mode


      Is the HTTP Load Balancing function working only in the Routing context or works it generally. I set the SJWPS as a Reverse Proxy like this

      NameTrans fn="reverse-map" from="http://server1.domain.de" to="http://proxy.domain.de" rewrite-location="false" rewrite-content-location="false"
      NameTrans fn="map" from="http://proxy.domain.de" to="http://server1.domain.de" rewrite-host="false"
      NameTrans fn="map" from="/" to="http://server1.domain.de" rewrite-host="false"

      Now the Proxy should do Load balancing with a second, mirrored server like http://server2.domain.de. How could I configure that?
      Please help me.


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          if you need to route / provide load balancing between 2 hosts, then you will need to have Route SAF . you can use web server 7 reverse proxy cli or gui to get this. however, you might want to start from a fresh configuration to avoid reverse-map / map that you have experimented with does not overlap with the 'Route' functionality that you seem to need here

          here are some reference content
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            Thanks a lot,

            Sorry for asking but what do you mean with Route SAF?
            And is this Entry (found in the links you send me): NameTrans fn="redirect" from="/path" url="http://server.example.com" transferably to the obj.conf of my Web Proxy Server which is not equal to Webserver7 from SUN?