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    Blocking torrent files at Sun Java Web Proxy Server

      Is there, by any means, a way to block torrent files at Sun Java Web Proxy Server?

      In the case of an affirmative answer, how can it be done?

      Please help! Thank you.

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          Yes, it is possible:

          Login to your Server Manager (http://localhost:8081/proxy-sadmsrv/bin/index)
          From the list, click the server instance you wish the torrents to be blocked on (ie, server1)
          In the tabs that appear across the top, select "Filters".

          Make sure you have an information icon that says:
          "The entire Server" was selected

          If not, select it from the dropdown list.

          Below that, enter a name of your block list in the box. Mine is called "blocked_list"

          Click the "Create/Edit" button.

          The Filter Editor will appear.
          In the Filter content box, add the following:
          Click OK.

          You should have an alert that tells you the operation was successful.

          Now, from the page that you are one, under the "Operate Filters" section, choose your "blocked_list" filter in the "URL Filter To Deny" dropdown box.

          Click OK.

          Files ending in .torrent will now be blocked. Unfortunately, there is no content inspection taking place so you wont be able to block torrents that do not have a .torrent extension.