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    Redirect http to https in reverse proxy?

      I have set up a reverse proxy in front of my appserver and I fail to do the redirect that i want.
      For testing purposes i have both the appserver and proxy on the same machine, appserver on 8080 and proxy on 8090.

      NameTrans fn="map" from="/" to="http://host:8080" rewrite-host="true"

      This works fine.

      Now I want to make sure that a specific sub directory is only accessible via https from client to proxy.
      Basically something like this (which doesn't do anything):

      NameTrans fn="redirect" from="http://host:8090/secret" url-prefix="https://host:8090/secret"

      Since I use the proxy as a stand-in for a server it seems I can only match on the path and not scheme, host, port.

      The following at least gives me a redirect, but unfortunately an infinite one :)

      NameTrans fn="redirect" from="/secret" url-prefix="https://host:8090/secret"

      Is there any way for me to do this http->https redirect that I need?