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    customize registration pages for an org


      I'm having problems customizing the registration pages (register.jsp and Membership.xml) for a specific org.

      I have two suborgs (let's call them org1 and org2).

      I've created a folder


      and copied everything from

      AccessManager-base/SUNWam/web-src/config/auth/default into it

      I've customized register.jsp and Membership.xml and regenerated the amserver.war file and redployed it.

      I can see that new directory in the j2ee-modules directory but when I go to the registration page with "&org=org1" it is still showing the register.jsp and properties from the "default" directory and not "org1".

      Any hints as to what I've done wrong?

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          I am trying to include a self registration page without the Identity Management interface. Is there a process to create users using Opensso and Sun LDAP. When i search for this topic, the results come with modifying the default jsp pages to talk to the Identity Manager. Can anyone provide a procedure to allow users to register themselves in Opensso