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    /dsadm exited with error 164


      i get an error when i use to add server instance using dsccreg add-server command on linux which is 6.3 ,i copied the server instance like DS1 on another machine of solaris
      adding that instance DS1 on linux machine DS6.3,i run the below command on linux machine.

      i get an error

      ./dsccreg add-server /home/ss/DS6.3/ds11
      Enter DSCC administrator's password:
      /home/ss/DS6.3/DSCC/ds6/bin/dsadm exited with error 164
      /home/ss/DS6.3/DSCC/dps6/bin/dpadm exited with error 164
      /home/ss/DS6.3/ds11 has not been registered in DSCC on localhost.

      what would be the problem...