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    Wrong parameter value in OO4O


      I upgraded OO4O from vesion to . But now I have problems with parameter values. Following code gives completely different results in different versions. This code should write a='b' to messagebox, but in it writes a='a' !!!???

      odb.GetParameters().Add("a", "b", OPARAMETER_INVAR, OTYPE_VARCHAR2, NULL).IsOpen();
      strMess.Format("%s='%s'", odb.GetParameters().GetParameter("a").GetName(), (CString)odb.GetParameters().GetParameter("a"));

      What I'm doing wrong?
      I uninstalled old version of OO4O before installing new as recommended and copied files oracl.h, obound.h, oraclm32.lib and oraclm32.dll to my project.
      I'm using VC++ 6.0, Oracle client and Oracle server.

      Jaak Sarv