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    StarSuite will not start up - help! Changed paths from one drive to another

      Hi all,

      I am using: StarSuite 8

      On an: ASUS eePC 900
      OS: Windows XP

      This is my partner's computer. StarSuite 8 came with it the machine, but as yet she has not even gotten a chance to use it.

      It has two hard drives:

      C: drive is 4GB (with 500MG free), D: drive is 7.5GB (with 6.3GB free)

      Windows, StarSuite 8, and everything else that came with the machine are all on the C: drive (the smaller one), which is why only 500MG are free (she has deleted everything else that wasn't an expensive program or the operating system; most of the 4GB is Windows XP as far as we can tell).

      Previously, when she opened StarSuite 8 (swriter), when a new file would be opened, an error message appeared that said something along the lines of "Not enough disk space free" - i don't recall the exact wording.

      As there where over 6 gigabytes free, we assumed the problem was that StarSuite 8 was somehow being dependant on the mostly used-up C: drive.

      So i went into, i think,
      Tools -> Options
      ...and found a section to change the paths for the folders that StarSuite 8 seemed to be saving to, drawing templates from, etc.

      I found those folders on the C: drive, under "Documents and Settings", copied them (without making any changes at all), saved the copies to the D: drive, replicated the whole file path.

      Then i went back to Tools -> Options and whatever that section is to change the paths. I edited them to point to the D drive rather than the C drive, to my newly created and copied-over files, the paths now looked something like this:

      D:Documents and Setting/Kathryne/Application Data/StarSuite 8/User/ <all the various folders, copied exactly from it's equivalent on the C drive.

      I thought if StarSuite 8 looked at the D drive instead of the C drive, it would stop bringing up the error message that kept claiming there was "insufficient disk space". The only thing i changed about any path was that the letter "C" became "D", and the default folder to which files are saved became "D:Documents and Setting/Kathryne" rather than "My Documents" (because My Documents is on the C: drive).

      I then created and saved an swriter file, as a test to make sure everything was working, and it saved fine. I can still see the file sitting there under "D:Documents and Setting/Kathryne".

      Anyway, my partner (Kathryne, as you can guess), just fired up her eePC, tried to open StarSuite 8 - and nothing happened. It will not open.

      So she right-clicked on a .doc file, selected "Open With swriter", and it worked - the file was opened up.

      But you can't do anything on it. When you hover the cursor over any of the menu buttons, it just turns into a little hourglass and does nothing. Task Manager says that it is "Not Responding", and it will stay like that for ages. It doesn't work at all. I cannot get back into the "Tools" menu to change all the file paths back to their default settings - it just won't let me.

      My normal response would be to uninstall and reinstall, and just erase all the changes i've made that way. But this is an eePC - there is no optical drive on this machine, it was all pre-installed, and uninstalling StarSuite 8 would leave us with no way to get it back.

      Can anybody help me, please? I had no idea changing the paths might make the program non-functional, especially as i copied all of the path folders over without making any changes to them. I thought at the worst i would be able to go back into it and change the paths back to default; and like i said, i saved a test file with it after making the changes, and it seemed to work fine. But apparently I'm an idiot.

      Can anyone rescue me from this guilt?
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          Saturday, July 17, 2010

          First, I assume that SS8 is like StarOffice 8 and is self-contained with the exception of the user profile (that is what you changed). That means you can backup or move the entire folder and it will run from a new location.

          So first use a network or USB connection to back up the entire SS8 folder.

          With the backup in a safe place. Copy the SS8 folder to Drive D. Rename the profile folder to

          D:\Documents and Setting\Kathryne\Application Data\StarSuite8.old\User\

          Now start SS from the D location. If the problem is your profile, a new one will be created and the program will run.

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            Thank-you for the response.

            I went to do exactly as you describe, but found that, embarrasingly, StarSuite 8 was already on the D: drive. I must have assumd otherwise earlier without really checking.

            I did try renaming the user folder to StarSuite8.old\User\ as you describe, but that didn't solve it unfortunately.

            Is it possible that it wasn't my messing around that broke it? Could it have been a Windows update, seeing as the computer had been switched on for the first time in a while, then turned off again, then turned on - and Windows likes to put it's updates in while you're shutting down?
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              Monday, July 19, 2010

              [1] Is SS8 also on the C: drive? Can it start from there.

              [2] Are you starting the program using executables in the program folder?

              [3] Does the old profile still exist? If it does try renaming it as well. The change of location is stored in the profile, so removing it by renaming should enable the program to run.

              [4] Are you running the latest SS8 update, now at 16? I would not be concerned about the operating system updates, but would be concerned about the SS8 updates.

              [5] If your wife is not using the SS commercial features, you could try downloading and installing OpenOffice.org 3.2.1.

              [6] Another option could be to edit the bootstrap.ini file in the program folder to point to another default profile location.

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                1) - it isn't.

                2) I haven't been. Tried it just then to see if anything different happened, but no.

                3) It does. I justdid that, and it seems to have solved the problem.

                It opened up, ultra-fast (faster than MS Office ever has...), and it generated multiple error messages (presumably to let me know that it couldn't find the files it keeps in those folders?):

                "Error loading BASIC of document file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Kathryne/Application%Data/StarSuite8/user/basic/script.xlc/:
                General Error.
                General input/output error."

                "Error loading BASIC of document file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Kathryne/Application%Data/StarSuite8/user/basic/dialog.xlc/:
                General Error.
                General input/output error."

                "Error loading BASIC of document file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Kathryne/Application%Data/StarSuite8/user/basic/dialogs.xli/:
                General Error.
                General input/output error."

                After clicking "Okay" to each error message, i typed a short sentence in the file, and successfully saved it (to the C: drive, even), without seeing any trace of the "not enough space" type messages that used to come up. And after closing the program and opening it again, i haven't seen these messages reappear.

                4) I will tell let her know that it is recommended!

                5) She did this last night, and has been using it in the meantime. I think she still wants StarSuite 8, but she is aware of OpenOffice.

                (6) - I haven't done this, as your suggestion (3) seems to have fixed it.)

                Thank-you very much for the advice and the time you spent in replying, i really appreciate this. Your suggestion seems to have fixed the problem. I am hoping that the error messages listed above won't reappear - i assume that was just the program telling me that the user folders were missing, and that it re-created them soon after? I guess similar messages will appear (and disappear) upon opening Calc and the others, as well.

                The original problem - the error messages relating to disk space - has not re-appeared, i have nooo idea why, but all seems fine for now.Thank-you again for your advice! :)
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                  Tuesday, July 20, 2010

                  Glad to hear that the problem is solved. :-)

                  If you want to keep using the new profile, then you will need to reinstall any extensions which you might be using. You can copy any templates and autocorrect files from the corrupt profile to the new one.

                  If you want to try restoring your old profile, add new to the current one and delete the old from the first one. The path file which is causing your problem is found at

                  c:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\StarOffice8\user\data\org\openoffice\Office\Paths.xcu

                  Delete it. Then you can then try renaming the paths one at a time, to see if that fixes the problem if it reoccurs.

                  Or since you know the name of files (the error messages) which may be corrupt, you can delete them and see what happens. I suspect one of them may have been the cause of the memory error message.

                  The most common problem with OOo versions is a profile becoming corrupt. I have taken to keeping backups of my profiles so that I do not have to do a complete reinstall when it happens.