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    Access to Base migration?


      I've been tasked with migrating a quite complex Access 97 application from .mdb to MySQL via ODBC on Windows. As Access 97 is now so far out of support it doesn't work very well with current ODBC drivers and will require quite a bit of re-coding and query re-design as a result. Migrating the .mdb tables to MySQL isn't a problem, but getting Ac97 to connect reliably via ODBC is.

      So, if I was trying to get to where we want to go I wouldn't start from here.

      The organisation is moving to MySQL as a step on the way to ditching Access 97 and possibly MS Office (we'll eventually replace the AC97 app with PHP or something like that). As Access 97 will perform so badly under ODBC is it possible to migrate the Access 97 VBA to StarOffice Base? I know that there's a migration wizard in the SO Enterprise edition, but I can't find whether it's designed to work with with anything other than Word and Excel.

      The app is about 50 forms, each with an average of maybe a hundred or so lines of VBA behind them. Is migration to SO a non-starter? If it isn't it might push us toward using SO across the company.

      Thanks in advance for any help/opinions.