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    StarOffice 8 U6 (Solaris 10 x86) problem upgrading to U7

      hello all,

      i have problem installing the new StarOffice 8 U7 patch (120186-11) on Solaris 10 x86 3/05. my current installation of StarOffice 8 is patched up to U6 (120186-10) and has the "ARCH patch to enable install of >= Update 6" patch 126411-01 installed.

      the errors that i get from patchadd are:

      Architecture for package SUNWstaroffice-core01 from directory SUNWstaroffice-core01.i in patch 120186-11 differs from the package installed on the system.
      <snipped other output>
      0 Patch 120186-11 is declared as incompatible by 122365-01, which has already been installed on the system.

      any help will be appreciated.