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    StarOffice8 Solaris 10 sparc: how to install only in the global zone?

      hello all,
      i have installed SO8 on T2000 Solaris 10 according this doc:

      everyhing works fine except that now, i have to setup zones on my nfs server, and because the staroffice installer isn't aware of zones, and doesn't permit to do:
      pkgadd -G ...
      all the zones created are very big due to staroffice (800Mb instead of 100Mb!)

      so i tried the following method:
      - launch the installer so-8-ga-bin-solsparc-en-US_fr.sh without DISPLAY for example
      - go into /var/tmp/unpack_staroffice/packages
      - install all the packages manually:
      pkgadd -G -d . SUNWstaroffice-* 
      (this method is already used by OpenOffice!)

      This method works well if i use soffice on the nfs server.
      But on nfs client, that mount /opt/staroffice8, i got this error:
      mimosa-henry% soffice
      The application cannot be started. 
      The component manager is not available.
      How can i deal with it? Is it possible to modify some scripts to add "-G" option to pkgadd without breaking the installation? What is the component manager? What package is concerned?

      Thanks in advance for help,