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    Errors 1935  and 2908 during installation of Star Office 8

      I'm installing Star Office 8 on Windows XP. I am getting an Error 1935 almost at the end of the installation and after 1 or 2 Internal Errors 2908 that gives a hard disk address. The Error 1935 says: ...occurred during the installation of assembly 'policy.1.1.cli_types,publickeyToken="ce2cb7e279207b9e",version="",culture="neutral". Please refer to Help and Support for more info.HRE.... (this may not be exact as I hand wrote it down and then typed it here...) Doing the install again gives me the same errors. Can somebody please tell me what I do next?

      Background: 1 year ago, I downloaded and paid for the Star Office 8 and used it until November - really liked it a lot until just one day I tried to open it and I got errors and no Star Office 8 files would open. I got the same error #'s I'm getting now, at that time, also, but I did write down this at the time: "the file C Doc Set... Update 7 Installation files\StarOffice8.msi is not a valid install pkg for the Product StarOffice 8. Try to find the installation pkg "staroffice8.msi" in a folder from which you can install StarOffice8.

      Also at some point I got "Missing vcl resource. This indicates that files vital to localization are missing. You may have a corrupt installation."

      It was at this point I uninstalled all Star Office 8 files and have just now again downloaded fresh. But there is still something not allowing me to install it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know enough about the computer to get "in trouble" but not a lot of technical know-how. I have not downloaded the Update 7 at this point. Thanks!