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    updating staroffice

      i have an downloaded version of staroffice and i payed for an license .

      today i download the file, register the file also with the key.

      when i look for update there was no ,automatic download or update .

      but there was an update from december,

      when i try to upgrade after downloading the file ill get this error :

      root@buildid-desktop:/home/buildid/temp/120184-12# ./setup

      Searching for the staroffice installation ...

      read: 26: Illegal option -n

      [: 28: ==: unexpected operator

      what does this mean ?
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          I suspect that means you are using a Debian Linux build.

          You have to run the install with an ignore errors instruction. run rpm --help at the terminal to find out the exact command.  I had to do this, but cannot remember the exact option I used.

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            oke thank you .

            well ill send an mail to staroffice, they also call me home , service is pretty good from that guy.

            i changed the rpm files into deb files with alien , after that i install them , star office seems to be up to date now ....

            thank you for your answer ,