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    Error installing update 7 over update 6 on Windows

      I installed SO8 update 6 this morning and then did "check for updates" and discovered update 7 was available.

      I downloaded the unsigned patch, unpacked it, then unpacked the installation files and finally ran the install (this double-wrapping of the install files is pain BTW!).

      The install recognizes I have a prior version of SO8 and proceeds to update it. I then, after a short while, get an error:

      Error 1305.Error reading from file G:\apps\StarOffice8\help\hu\shared.jar.9161. Verify the file exists and that you can access it.

      The weird thing is, the update 7 install is creating the help/hu directory and its contents. In my update 6 install that directory doesn't exist. Originally I though that the problem was that I did a custom install of update 6 and only installed support for English. So I went back and had update 6 install all language components. Then I saw there was still no help/hu directory.

      Watching the install process of update 7 the file it complains about comes into existence, then suddenly has a zero size, then a real size, and fluctuates like that before the error message finally pops up.

      Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?