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    Decimal separator and OraParameter

      I want to change the decimal separator for OO40 by executing an "ALTER SESSION SET NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS = '.,' ".
      This works fine when I use an OraDynaset to retrieve my data but it doesn't influence the decimal separator OO4O uses when I work with an OraParameter.

      How to tell to OO4O wich decimal separator to use when fetching data through OraParameter objects?

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          Using OraParameter, OO4O checks the locale ID of the Client-OS and converts the decimale, if different.

          This would be done if your Ora-variable defnition is greater than number(15,6) - for about. Then OO4O casts the value in string-type because of type limits in ActiveX-IDEs, i.e. VB.

          As workaround you can force a cast to string and replace the decimale-char.