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    Java 6.18 Cannot disable auto update checks

      JAVA Client Version 6 Update 18 Unattended Install
      Here's the command line I'm using:

      jre-6u18-windows-i586-s.exe/qn /l*v c:\java618TestInstall.log AUTOUPDATECHECK=0 JAVAUPDATE=0

      I see in the install logs that the AUTOUPDATECHECK and JAVAUPDATE property values do in fact, get changed to 0. However, when I open up the JAVA console from the control panel on the target machine, the "Check for Updates Automatically" check box is still checked. Am I hitting the wrong property? If so, which one do I need to disable this?

      My users get frequently annoyed with the notifications popping up. Then they try to install the update and find that they can't because they don't have administrator privileges. I would very much rather push these out quarterly and not have to hear from them about trying to install the updates or receiving the notifications.

      Many thanks.