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    Question re: JDS/gnome/X and running smc as another user

      Running Solaris 10 on Sun VirtualBox, have one user account in 'Staff' where I want to administer some aspects of my system for the time being as part of best practice for administration. I login to my user account, open a terminal, su - root and then run smc&. I get an error in the terminal window about DISPLAY environtment variable not being set. echo $DISPLAY reveals that it is null, so I export DISPLAY=hostname:0 and then try to run again and I still get the message. I am able to execute smc& from the shell prompt if I am logged into the root session. The only change I have made to the system operations at this point was to move /export/home to a different disk/slice and that mounts fine so and should not have caused an error anyway. If I execute xauth as root and list I get something like this:
      hostname:0 {encryption type} {RANDOM}
      hostname/unix:0 {encryption standard} {RANDOM}
      This is to say it would appear to be that this is set correctly. [This example|http://docsun.cites.uiuc.edu/sun_docs/C/solaris_9/SUNWabe/ADVOSUG/p33.html#NETWORKAPP-88347] leads me to believe that a null DISPLAY should still allow programs to process by the Xserver/gnome .

      My question then is:

      - How can I run smc from another users session or must I log into a session as root?
      - If DISPLAY is incorrectly set, how can I configure my system to create accounts with the correct settings?

      I should note that *xhost +*, while it disables the access control, has no affect on the outcome of executing smc&.