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      I have been using Limewire on my pc and i accidentally deleted java from my pc i have now got java back on my pc, but everytime i click on limewire on my desktop i get a message saying "Limewire needs the java runtime environment 5.0 or above. Click OK to go to www.java.com where you can download java." I have tried this and i still get the message saying Limewire needs java runtime environment 5.0 or above.

      Any help would be most grateful
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          Wrong forum.
          You posted to the Java Desktop System forum,
          which is NOT a forum for `using java stuff on a system that sits on your desktop`.

          As is prominently displayed at the beginning of this forum:

          "Sun Java Desktop System is a fully integrated, comprehensive, and secure desktop environment that offers a simplified user interface with familiar desktop themes and file manager views. Among its components are a GNOME desktop environment; StarOffice Office Productivity Suite; Mozilla browser; Evolution mail and calendar; Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE platform); and _a Linux operating system_."

          Try http://www.java.com/en/
          Click on Do I have Java