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    NetBeans 7.1 and Sun Java System Application Server 9.1


      I'm totally new to Sun Java System Application Server and I'm try to let it work with netbeans. Unfortunately I've failed at the first step: configure the server with netbeans.

      When I try to add a new server, I select one from the list (the closer option is the Application Server 8.2), but in field to fill in the path of the application, it says as soon as enter the path:
      -- Server Location is not an "Sun Java System Application Server 8.2" location --
      And the button to go forward is not highlighted.

      I've obviously try then with the version 8.2. Same error.
      I've tried on linux (ubuntu, java6), OS X 10.5 (java6)

      I've then tried to add a custom directory for tomcat 6 and for glassfishV2 and they both works!
      I've also noticed that the " Sun Java System Application Server 9.1" comes with the latest release of netbeans and still it doesn't appear in the list of the server.

      Any help would be really appreciated.