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    deploy netbeans webapplication to webserver

      how do we upload WebApplication to the internet?

      I�m using Netbeans with tomcat. Let�s say, i create a new WebApplication then add form with a textfield and a button to index.jsp, and pass the content of the textfield to a servlet by get method and print out. So that, if you enter "Tom" and click submit it says "Hello Tom".

      Ok. Now, i can run my program to my local host by tomcat apache, means if i run it i get the address like "http://localhost:8084/WebApplication1/". now my question is, how do i upload this to my website? i usually upload by FTP software, now i don't know what folder i should upload? because in the tomcat directory i don't see anything, and if i upload the folder netbeans project it doesn't work because the index.jsp is inside the web folder and servlet is in scr folder.
      so, any suggestion how to upload the website?