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    NetBeans 6.5.1 and Tomcat 4

      Hello, I've been trying to find some information about this online but it seems there is almost nothing out there or in here.

      I need to maintain an old tomcat 4 webapp (the hosting server has only that version of tomcat), but when you try to add an older version of Tomcat as a server in NetBeans, the option is not present (only 5, 5.5 and 6).

      Is there any possibility to configure Tomcat 4 as a server inside the NetBeans 6.5.1 IDE??

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          I am mexican and sorry for english, well lets see, there are a botton then you select a server, click on it "add" then appear alist off servers for default, down appear a textbox called Name, set tomcat 4, then click next select catalina home fo tomcat 4 and other features, most work but, I have just used it to configure firts time the tomcat 6, dont know if that works to tomcat 4.

          thanks on advance
          Miguel Villalobos
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            Well, the thing is you can't do that because you need to select first the type of server.... and Tomcat 4 does not appear in the list.
            I know it's a little more complicated than that.... I even don't know if it's possible at all.