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    Empty password used - try 'cvs login' with a real password

      Hi All:

      I am using CVSNT VERSION 2.5.04 and WinCvs
      In WinCvs, I went to admin/login menu.
      For CVSROOT, I put the following and able to login in Wincvs:

      In CVSNT, my

      I right click on a file in wincvs on c:\test1\test1.txt and choose "Add" and I get the following error from wincvs:
      cvs add -- test1.txt (in directory C:\test1)
      Empty password used - try 'cvs login' with a real password
      cvs [add aborted]: /cvsrepos/test/: no such repository

      ***** CVS exited normally with code 1 *****

      In the file C:\cvsrepos\test\CVSROOT\config I have the following settings:

      # Set this to 'no' if pserver shouldn't check system users/passwords

      # Set the Acl parsing type (none,compat,normal).

      # Alternate location of CVS LockServer. Set to 'none' to disable..

      # Set 'TopLevelAdmin' to 'yes' to create a CVS directory at the top
      # level of the new working directory when using the 'cvs checkout'
      # command.

      # Set 'LogHistory' to 'all' or 'TOFEWGCMAR' to log all transactions to the
      # history file, or a subset as needed (ie 'TMAR' logs all write operations)

      # Set 'RereadLogAfterVerify' to control rereading of the log file after a verifymsg
      # 'always' or 'yes' to always reread the log regardless
      # 'never' or 'no' (default) to never reread the log

      # Set 'Watcher' to set a user who gets all notify events within the repository whether
      # or not the ifle is watched.

      In the file C:\cvsrepos\test\CVSROOT\.passwd I have the following settings:

      Why am I getting this error?
      Is there something I am suppose to set in WinCVS.
      I login as Administrator with the password mychau1 and it seem I can login in but why am I getting the above error when I try to choose "addd" for a test1.txt file in wincvs?