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    Has Java Enterprise Studio been replaced by the NetBeans IDE???

      I am a developer who gets Java assignments only occasionaly. So, I was not able to track the things going on with Java for some time.

      I used Sun Java Enterprise Studio, for programming with Java. The last version I downloaded was 8.1 with the file name, jstudio_ent81-ml-windows.exe, that was quite some time before.

      So, when I got a new Java assignment, I thought of upgrading my development tools. But when I visited java.sun.com this time, I found download links for NetBeans IDE, but not the Studio. The site does not explain clearly what has happened to the Studio??

      Does that mean that Studio has been deprecated in favour of NetBeans??? What exactly should I do (or download) to get the same functionality as the Studio 8.1 now, or is there a new release of Studio???