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    Sun Studio 8.1, The Worst UML software I ever USE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I happened to download Sun Studio Enterprise 8.1. After 2 week usage I just find out that this software is a piece of junk doing nothing but ruining your work!

      * The onl way to save your UML diagram is to Click on Close Application Button! and wait for it to prompt asking if you want to save. Believe me this is the only way to save the diagram. No matter how many times you hit save while the studio is running, there is no way to save the actual diagram!!!!!!!!!! It is like a Diablo II save mechanism!!!!

      * The studio closes by itself sometime!!!!!! Then you lose all your work! I get really upset about this. Cause I had been working on a project for a whole day and it just closed silently without any notice!!! Of cause all the work lost because you can not save the diagram whatsoever! WTF

      Recommend you guys not to use this UML editor! Save your time to try out other softwares like Visio
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          Sorry to hear that you lost your work using Sun Studio 8.1 (it's actually Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.1 or JSE 8.1).

          The UML diagram can actually be saved in a few different ways through:
          * FIle->Save when the diagram window is in focus
          * the diagram window tab's Save Document
          * Ctrl-S from the focus diagram
          * File->Save All or the Save All toolbar button which saves everything within the ide
          * the Save dialog when closing the project or exiting ide if the diagram or uml project is modified

          Since JSE 8.1 is based on NetBeans 5.0, I'd suggest to use the latest NetBeans 6.0.1 or NetBeans 6.1 to be released soon, since these releases have many new features and bug fixes. You can download them from http://netbeans.org