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    Open MQ no remote access

      I'm a little puzzled by The Open MQ download page <https://mq.dev.java.net/downloads.html> (binaries section) where it states that:

      Oracle no longer offers Open MQ as an independent product. Open MQ will continue to provide builds and separate release packages as they are contributing to the GlassFish Server project. Support contracts continue to be offered as part of GlassFish Enterprise Server and customers may use GlassFish MQ as a component of the Java EE server.

      Does this mean Open MQ can be invoked ONLY as a component within Glassfish and not invoked remotely through its brokering or clustering capabilities? Or is Oracle simply changing how it packages Open MQ so that it is expected to run (with full capabilities) within GlassFish?

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          More of the latter.
          Oracle does not currently list a JMS provider product as a separate price-list item.
          As of this writing, there are no functional changes planned for Open MQ, which would restrict how it can be used.
          The separate installer will no longer be supported, though we continue to provide this as an aid for the community. Support contracts for legacy customers may be renewed, but new customers will have to purchase the full Oracle GlassFish Enterprise Server. Anyone interested in additional details should really contact an Oracle Sales representative.
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            Ok--thanks very much. I want to use the community version of Open MQ within GlassFish, but I need JMS high availability clustering. I believe (but I could be mistaken) that high availability clustering is available in the community version of Open MQ and I was concerned it would be removed. I'm hoping someone can confirm that it is available and is likely to remain so.
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              Enhanced availability clusters (using a replicated database such as MySQL Cluster/NDB) is available in all current flavors of GlassFish MQ. GlassFish MQ is included with GlassFish Enterprise Server (All editions). Is there some reason you'd want to swap out the version you get with your copy of GlassFish? You shouldn't need to make any changes.
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                My only concern was rumors that remote access to OpenMQ or the high availability would no longer be available in the community version of Glassfish. Thanks very much for spelling things out.