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    Bridge failed to restart...

      Hi all,

      I'm using OpenMQ (the version provide with glassfish 3.0.1

      Here, the output of the version I run :

      Open Message Queue 4.4
      Version: 4.4 Update 2 (Build 5-a)
      Compile: Fri May 14 23:24:45 PDT 2010

      Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

      com.sun.messaging.jmq Version Information
           Product Compatibility Version:          4.4
           Protocol Version:               4.4
           Target JMS API Version:               1.1

      Java Runtime Version: 1.6.0_12 Sun Microsystems Inc. /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-

      I've successfully created and run a bridge configuration routing message between two OpenMQ broker (cluster on both side) running same version.
      The storage backend is JavaDB.

      When I start the first time the cluster broker on my side (which is here to consume) what is produce of the other side, all is running smoothly : I receive all messages.
      For debugging purpose, I need to stop the bridge on my side in order to let message in the distant topic, redeploy the application on my side (MDB) and restart the bridge, to get the message flow.

      So I stop the bridge by using the imqbridgemgr stop bridge -bn xxx command.
      When I restart it (using imqbridgemgr start bridge -bn xxxx command), I get this error :
      glassfish@web2:~/glassfishv3/mq/bin$ ./imqbridgemgr -u admin -passfile ~/.passfile start bridge -bn c2b2_to_c1
      Starting the bridge where:

      Bridge Name

      On the broker specified by:

      Host Primary Port
      localhost 7676

      Are you sure you want to start this bridge ? (y/n)[n] y

      Error while performing this operation on the broker.
      [B3100]: Unexpected Broker Internal Error : [Unable to retry database operation]
      An attempt was made to get a data value of type 'java.sql.Types 12' from a data value of type 'java.io.InputStream'.

      Starting the bridge failed.

      And it will failed all the time. The only way I can restart all things, is by recreating all the broker tables.

      Any idea ?

      Thx in advance for your advices/answers.

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          This is a bug (6973877, derby only) which has been fixed in 4.5 build14 and 4.4u2p1. Thanks for reporting. The problem is the missing "FOR BIT DATA" in LOG_RECORD column in derby table definition MQTMLRJMSBG41 in broker default.properties file

          - LOG_RECORD VARCHAR(2048) NOT NULL,\