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    Any tips on getting Apache NMS stomp to work on OpenMQ

      Good Morning All,

      Up until now I have been writing directly to STOMP to interface with OpenMQ. I am now trsansitioning to using nms to do the same but cannot seem to keep a connection.

      Upon startup of OpenMQ, I see good status about the OpenMQ and STOMPBridge startup in the command window.

      When I create a stomp connection factory and a connection, I see that my connection was also sucessful. However when I try to issue a connection.start the connectioin times out, closes the connection and throws an execption telling me that the connection is alread closed.

      I am hoping that it may just be a configuration issue as I can not even get the stomp test connection test to work without the same results.

      I am new to this so I am assuming that it is just something that i do not yet understand.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...