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    configuring queue for Producer -> first-available Consumer delivery

      consumerFlowLimit to 1
      consumerFlowThreshold to 0
      doesn't appear to be enough to ensure that messages from a queue are delivered to the first available consumer.

      We are trying to implement a classic Producer(s) -> Consumer(s) job distribution scheme where our jobs are lengthy and vary in duration.
      It's important that msgs are sent to the next available Consumer and not waiting/buffered at a busy Consumer.

      What we see with the settings above is that more than one message appears to be buffered at each consumer when it starts. After the startup buffering, the settings appear to be working as intended.

      We are using openmq 4.3, but happy to move to 4.4 if required.

      This question was posted earlier to the users list, but I've posted here with elaboration. Thanks!
      Steven Marcus