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    GUI Installer for Linux: Problems on Ubuntu

      I recently downloaded MQ 4.1 in the GUI installer form for Linux from the Open MQ site. Since the download page did not state that this form consisted of rpm packages, I thought it would work fine on my Unbuntu 7.10 system. However, when I started the installer, after seeing a nice splash screen, the installer GUI hung with a blank panel. The terminal listed the following information:
      $ sudo ./installer
      [sudo] password for ckamps:
      ./installer[66]: /bin/basename: cannot execute
      /home/ckamps/Desktop/mq4_1-installer/opt/sun/install/bin/engine-wrapper: 56: /bin/basename: not found
      WARNING: Warning: Could not detect OS Architecture, falling back to os.arch [Architecture=unknown ]
      WARNING: Provider failed to initialize. [Error=Required RPM packaging tool not present [tool]*[{0} {1}]=/bin/rpm  Provider=svc://general/sims ]
      SwixML 1.5 (#144)
      WARNING: The specified property is valid, but there is no component by that name.  The property will be ignored. [Component=InstallHome Property=directory.INSTALL_HOME Value=/ ]
      (Interestingly, rpm is available on my Ubuntu system, but it's not in the location expected by the install application. Both the rpm and basename commands are available under /usr/bin/ rather than /bin/.)

      At the very least, the GUI install line item for Linux on the download page should state that this download consists of RPMs and that it is qualified on certain Linux platforms. Clearly, it has not been qualified on recent versions of Ubuntu.

      In this particular case, I didn't really expect or desire for native packaging to be used (be it RPM or Debian format). All I wanted was quick access to a recent MQ release that uses a GUI Installer.