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    Getting rid of the rectangular box after deleting and adding items in Form

      My program has a form with 2 StringItems and an ImageItem. The items on the form will be changed periodically
      using a TimerTask, i.e class MyProgram (referring to below). The form's updated periodically but there's a rectangular box which
      keeps appearing wrapping either of the StringItems or ImageItem.

      How can i get rid of this box using my code?

      Thanks a lot!
      class MyProgram extends TimerTask {
                public RotateAds(...) {
              public void run() {
                 text = new StringItem("HELLO WORLD", String.valueOf(titleIndex));
                 myForm.insert(0, text);
                  try {
                      imageItem = new ImageItem(linkURL,
                                              "My Image");
                      myForm.insert(1, imageItem);
                          progress = new StringItem(exposureSending, "");
                      myForm.insert(2, progress);
                  } catch (IOException ex) {ex.printStackTrace();}
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