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    Datagram connection from bluetooth device

      Dear All,

      I am trying to implement one sample project using Bluetooth device. But I have stuck with one basic issue.

      The concept is, a laptop has got server (which is basically runs as Datagram connection), I am just searching to connect my mobile client (which is Datagram packet) with this Datagram server which is in laptop through bluetooth.

      I tried with the help of GPRS and Datacable, it is very straight forward. So I could able to get it done very easily.

      But in case of Bluetooth I am not getting any idea.

      I believe, the car game "Rally Pro" which is in Nokia 3230 has the ability to connect different mobiles with this approach only. So I hope it will be possible to get it.

      Anybody have any idea to complete this task.

      You can write me to: sownaRajkumar@gmail.com

      Thanks in Advance,
      Rajkumar Sowna.