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    Musicdb Application:Sync failed:HTTP Status 400 Need parent element to extr


      while performing the sync(slow) i am getting the following error: can you please help me to resolve the issue.
      *(just i have loaded application into emulator and tried to sync)*
      RMS Store Name: com.sun.mep.rms.root
      Saving root in RMS: root1/
      Using filesystem root: root1/
      Pin: PIN
      Warning: To avoid potential deadlock, operations that may block, such as 
       networking, should be performed in a different thread than the 
       commandAction() handler.
      setKey: zbyJXQi12S2wQXRTOoVI9wAAAAAAAAAA
          encrypt[       cipher alg >>>DESede/CBC
          encrypt[              key >>>zbyJXQi12S2wQXRTOoVI9wAAAAAAAAAA<<< ]
          encrypt[      record size >>>4<<< bytes]
          encrypt[  ciphertext size >>>8<<< bytes]
      set cipher: rM9WVDCBFNg=
        set hash: RdkJqBc5j/lW63n/EUbF5A==
      Beginning synchronization: 2
      Adding applicationfiles
      Standard Application- LastcommitTimeStamp:0
      Build connection!!
      1261056740580 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] Wrapping HttpConnection http://ws310081.passindien.com:8080/sync
      1261056740658 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] Entering setup state
      1261056740720 Thread[Thread-10,5] [FINE] [HTTP 1] Invoking setRequestMethod
      1261056740783 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] setRequestMethod( POST )
      1261056740814 Thread[Thread-10,5] [FINE] [HTTP 1] Invoking setRequestProperty
      1261056740892 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] setRequestProperty( http.useragent, MySyncML client )
      1261056740970 Thread[Thread-10,5] [FINE] [HTTP 1] Invoking setRequestProperty
      1261056741049 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] setRequestProperty( Content-Type, application/vnd.syncml+xml )
      1261056741158 Thread[Thread-10,5] [FINE] [HTTP 1] Invoking setRequestProperty
      1261056741220 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] setRequestProperty( Connection, close )
      Connection was build!
      Send body:
      1261056741377 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] Flushing output stream
      1261056741455 Thread[Thread-10,5] [FINE] [HTTP 1] Invoking OutputStream.flush
      1261056741533 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] Entering connected state
      1261056741658 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] Closing output stream
      1261056741783 Thread[Thread-10,5] [FINE] [HTTP 1] Invoking getResponseCode
      1261056741892 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] getResponseCode() = 400
      HTTP status := 400
      1261056741986 Thread[Thread-10,5] [FINE] [HTTP 1] Invoking getResponseMessage
      1261056742095 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] getResponseMessage() = Need parent element to extract child from
      1261056742174 Thread[Thread-10,5] [INFO] [HTTP 1] Entering closed state
      gd: HTTP Status 400 Need parent element to extract child from
           at z.a(+299)
           at c.a(+122)
           at cw.b(+10)
           at ah.a(+38)
           at sample.c.a(+102)
           at el.run(+21)
           at da.run(+9)