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    How can a mobile client catch exception thrown by putBusinessObject method?

      We are using JAX-RS connector of SGMP 1.1. We have a requirement to sync one business object, basically adding, and get the result of the operation. At the server side, I made sure an exception is thrown (throw new RuntimeException(ex)) expecting that I can catch the same at the client side. In the server log, I see the exception and subsequent exceptions because of the error, but could not get any message at the client side. However, when I gave the wrong username/password/servername during sync operation, the client could get the detailed exception.

      I tried to do in an indirect way by using the SyncManager.getSyncResults object to get the client or server's additions/updates. It always gives 1 for client additions and 0 for server additions whether the sync operation is successful or failure.

      Can you please tell me whether I am missing something? It makes lot of sense to know the result directly or indirectly. I would really appreciate your insights.