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    How to Configuring external certificate for MEP

      I want to configuring external certificate to my mep gateway tier , can any one tell me procedure how to configure the certificate.
      I am configuring behind the firewall I cannot run default port no 8181 for https , so where can I change https port no for MEP after installation and I need to import external certificates in to keystore.
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          Hi Jayanth,

          Both issues you raise are GlassFish issues rather than MEP issues per se.

          To change the port, after doing 'asadmin stop-domain mep' you just edit the
          domain.xml file in the .../domains/mep/config directory manually. Search for
          8181 and change it to whatever you want, then restart GlassFish (asadmin start-domain mep).

          In the MEP Installation Guide, there is a section on establishing trust between
          tier1 and tier2 in a two-tier configuration. See http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/820-7203/ggxmb?a=view
          Hopefully, you can generalize that procedure to your situation.