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    mms using j2me and j2ee

      I wanted to develop a mms which can send and receive sms.what are the ways of developing it and in what way will it be deployed.Can any one guide me through this with the docs.I also wanted to known is there any other latest technology which is open source where we can use for sending sms and receving sms.

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          MMS and SMS are two different kinds of wireless messaging protocols defined by the Wireless Message API (WMA). WMA v1.1 is covered in JSR-120 and WMA v2.0 is covered in JSR-205.

          If you're looking to write a JavaEE application that sends MMS/SMS messages to mobile clients, then you'll have to find a library to do that. I'm not familiar with any specific free libraries that do this. The library needs to be able to communicate with a messaging server to send the messages (for example, an SMS server using SMPP). Also, there are differences between US mobile carriers and European/Asian carriers that affect how your application can deliver messages - US carriers typically don't allow you to address SMS messages to non-default ports on the mobile device, which can make it difficult to write mobile client apps with custom SMS processing.