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    Help Regarding ECBO Api

      Hello Friends,
      I am developing an application using Mobile Enterprise Platform , so for that to write connectors we need ECBO api , where will i get this api ( jar file ). I read one article they claim that api comes along with Sun Glassfish Mobile Enterprise platform , but when i configured with netbeans ,I am not able to import com.sun.mep.connector api actullay .

      So, any one can help me out.
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          In the developer's guide for connectors


          there is a procedure "To Create a Maven Project for an ECBO Enterprise Connector" in NetBeans.
          If you follow those instructions NB should be able to find the sun.com.mep.connector classes.
          Please let us know if that is not the case.

          Did you download the MEP 1.1 client bundle (sgmp-client-1_1_01-fcs-b02.zip) from the following link.

          It has the API doc for ECBO. Here's the detail on the download page about what's in this client bundle
          The Sun GlassFish Mobility Platform 1.1 client bundle includes the Secure MusicDB and Secure >Salesforce.com sample clients for the Palm and Blackberry mobile devices. The bundle also includes API >documentation for the Mobile Client Business Object (MCBO) API, Enterprise Connector Business Object >(ECBO) API, JerseyMe API, and sample clients. It also provides the sources for the Secure MusicDB and >Secure Salesforce.com sample client applications and the MusicDB sample Enterprise Connector.
          The actual com.sun.mep.connector.api classes are contained in the gateway bundle in the jar


          which is bundled in the RARS that use it, e.g., musicdb, and is installed into glassfish. For example, you can find it under


          Or look where you unpacked the SGMP installer in the gateway directory for the RARS.

          I don't think we are providing the source code for ECBO, but we are providing the source for MusicDB sample that illustrates an ECBO connector.

          Good luck!
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            Thanks a lot.... finally i got it
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              Hi Friends,
              I have installed Maven plugin for Netbeans 6.1, but there I don't find MEP Connector Archetype to create project for Developing connectors for MEP.

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                hello friends, have any one tried with Database Server MS Sql Server .Can we do synchronize with SQL Server.
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                  Hi Jayanth,

                  This blog from Santiago shows you how to install the maven dependency required to build connectors into Netbeans:

                  To answer your other question, you can synchronize with any SQL database that has a jdbc driver. See the MusicDB sample which uses MySQL as the back-end database. It should be fairly easy to port this example to other SQL databases.


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                    Hi Jayanth,

                    After you installed the Maven plugin on NB 6.1 the MEP maven archetypes are a little hard to find.
                    Try this. File -> New Project -> Maven -> Archetypes from remote Maven Repositories.
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                      i tried adding the plugins to netbeans
                      started with File -> New Project -> Maven -> Maven Project and clicked "Next".
                      From the list of Maven archetypes, i tried to open the "Archetypes from remote Maven Repositories" entry but i did not get anything like "MEP Connector Archetype (JAR)".

                      Please help.
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                        Please can you give me the exact link for the maven plugins ,
                        may be i am missing some of the maven plugins thats the reason why i am not able to get the "MEP connector archtype." link

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                          the link http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/820-7207/gikei?a=view
                          shows how to install the maven plugins

                          I tried to install the plugin
                          i have followed the all the steps , but when i do step no 6,7,8 ,
                          i get file not found exception problem and there is nothing appearing under the java.net repository node.

                          I have listed step no 6,7,8
                          6 . After the wizard returns, click Close in the Plugins dialog.
                          7 . Choose Windows->Other->Maven Repository Browser.
                          8 . In the Maven Repository Browser tree, right-click the Java.net Repository node and select Update Index.

                          The problem i get is.

                          java.io.FileNotFoundException: no segments* file found in org.apache.lucene.store.FSDirectory@C:\Documents and Settings\SShete\.m2\repository\.index\nexus\java.net2: files:
                               at org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos$FindSegmentsFile.run(SegmentInfos.java:587)
                               at org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos.read(SegmentInfos.java:251)
                               at org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.init(IndexWriter.java:709)
                               at org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.<init>(IndexWriter.java:613)
                               at org.sonatype.nexus.index.context.NexusIndexWriter.<init>(NexusIndexWriter.java:22)
                               at org.sonatype.nexus.index.context.DefaultIndexingContext.getIndexWriter(DefaultIndexingContext.java:288)
                               at org.sonatype.nexus.index.context.DefaultIndexingContext.close(DefaultIndexingContext.java:328)
                               at org.sonatype.nexus.index.DefaultNexusIndexer.removeIndexingContext(DefaultNexusIndexer.java:119)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.unloadIndexingContext(NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.java:196)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.access$500(NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.java:92)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl$1.run(NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.java:233)
                               at org.openide.util.Mutex.writeAccess(Mutex.java:433)
                          Caused: org.openide.util.MutexException
                               at org.openide.util.Mutex.writeAccess(Mutex.java:437)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.indexRepo(NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.java:204)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.checkIndexAvailability(NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.java:182)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.access$700(NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.java:92)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl$5.run(NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.java:386)
                               at org.openide.util.Mutex.writeAccess(Mutex.java:433)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.filterGroupIds(NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.java:383)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.getGroups(NexusRepositoryIndexserImpl.java:376)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.indexer.api.RepositoryQueries.getGroups(RepositoryQueries.java:57)
                               at org.codehaus.mevenide.repository.GroupListChildren$2.run(GroupListChildren.java:83)
                               at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$Task.run(RequestProcessor.java:572)
                          [catch] at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$Processor.run(RequestProcessor.java:997)

                          Please help me to get the MEP connector Archetype , when i create the new project.
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                            Hi Jayanth,

                            I am not getting that error, but I do have an idea. I've seen problems sometimes when your local Maven repository has contents incompatible with current Maven repos. Try moving
                            C:\Documents and Settings\SShete\.m2 to the side (e.g., rename .m2 to hide.m2).

                            If there is something bad in your existing repository this may correct it. I did a test on a windows machine with NB 6.5.1 to make sure the procedure for installing the Maven plugin and creating a Maven project using MEP archetypes from a remote repository would work when there was no .m2 folder in my home directory to begin with. Success. I was able to create a Maven project with a MEP archetype and in the process my .m2/repository folder was recreated and populated.

                            I hope that is your problem. Otherwise, my only other suspicion is that you may be behind a firewall and need to set an http proxy or maybe you have a firewall on your PC that is preventing it from accessing a remote maven repository.
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                              yes you were right. it is because my machine is behind a firewall.
                              i tried the same thing from another machine,which was not behind the firewall.
                              the Maven plugin worked fine.

                              however i need to get the same thing on my machine, i cant fmake any changes to the firewall settings, as they are under the company's policy.

                              i also tried downloading the MEP archetype zip files from location "http://download.java.net/maven/2/.index/"
                              and saved it in "C:\Documents and Settings\SShete\.m2\repository\.index\nexus\java.net2".
                              Then i opened the Maven repository browser from netbeans and made changes to the local repository path as
                              C:\Documents and Settings\SShete\.m2\repository\.index\nexus\java.net2
                              Then updated the java.net repository.
                              Still there was no difference, there are no folder created under the java.net repository.
                              Please help
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                                On my PC after cleaning out the local .m2/repository, installing the Maven plugin and getting the MEP connector archetypes, I see the files located under


                                These are the files:


                                If that doesn't work, try configuring NB with an HTTP proxy for your company. Go to Tools -> Options. I assume from your machine behind your company's firewall you are able to browse Internet sites by going through a company provided HTTP proxy.
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                                  can you please mail all these files to my account

                                  i will create the same directory structure and check if it works
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                                    You said in a previous reply that you were able to get the Maven plugin to work from a different machine that is not behind the firewall. Can't you copy the files from that machine?
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