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    Unable to Save more than 1 Business-object-provider for the Connector.

      I m using MEP 1.0 Platform.

      My Ecbo Connector "BankDb" had initially "Account" Object Provider which i was able to save successfully via the MEP console.Later on i added the "Statement" Object Provider to the same connector. But i get this Exception

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Object:
      com.synchronica.ds.persistence.jpa.beans.RepositoryProperty@8d7f19]} is not a known entity type.

      I shut down my Server & then restarted it.i removed the AccountObject Provider & Added StatementObject Provider instead & clicked save & it saved my Connector Successfully But when i tried to add the AccountProvider too i get the same exception.In short i am unable to save both providers at the same time in the console.

      I googled later on & found something Similar on java.net
      I am not sure about all of this as i am just a beginner.

      Please Help
      Thx in Advance
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          Hello, thanks for your interest in the GlassFish Mobility Platform. The ECBO architecture supports exactly one business-object-provider per connector. You could combine your account and statement data into a single composite business object. You could also upgrade to MEP 1.1 and use the dynamic data feature (JerseyME) on the client to retrieve dynamic data such as the statement report and use the business-object-provider for the synchronized data, ie. the account activity. For more information see the [Sun GlassFish Mobility Platform 1.1 Developer's Guide for Enterprise Connectors|http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/820-7207] .