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    Error setting up BookDb application

      I am trying to create "Bookdb" on similar lines of "Musicdb" ..wanted to setup the project indepenently unlike "Musicdb" which comes bundled with the setup...It has an ID ,Amount ,type as attributes ..But i get this error when setting up Enterprise Local connector

      1.javax.jcr.LoginException: Login failed:javax.jcr.SimpleCredentials@1421ac3: 2.javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: bookdb not found: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: bookdb not found .

      when i dig into the java apis it tells me this..

      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException:"This exception is thrown when a component of the name cannot be resolved because it is not bound."

      javax.jcr.LoginException: "Exception thrown by Repository.login(Credentials, String) and Session.impersonate(Credentials) if the specified credentials are invalid."

      I dont know what to do next ...where to make the necessary changes.

      Also want to know what is the artifact "mep-gatway" in the pom.xml of musicdb local connector

      does it have a corresponding jar file?

      Looking for any valuable advice from the experts
      Thanking in advance.
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          I got it solved eventually ..... im a new to glassfish server i didnt create the jdbc resources ..so setup the thing in the administrative domain ...created database bookdb with the reqd credentials ...finally i could setup the connector

          I got another question
          in the MusicDB application ...when a user wants to connect to the gateway server he got to typing username as "musicdbuser" & password as "musicdbpass" ....is this required from all other possible users or can we assign different passwords & username to different end-users to connect to the gateway server....
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            On your second question, the answer is no.

            You could use different user names and passwords as long as they map to valid users for the BookDB database. For example, you may create a user in the MEP Admin Console with the Email name 'bookworm@home' , username 'reader1', password 'books'. When you create the user, the username and password are checked against the database. For example, if you are using MySQL, you'd be able to do the following

            mysql -ureader1 -pbooks
            mysql>use booksdb;
            mysql>show tables;

            In the MEP client app, you'd enter username 'bookwork@home' and password 'books'. When the sync requests get to the gateway, it maps the client username to a gateway user's email name and then gets the real username for the database. In this case, reader1.