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    ECXpert Manual Submission

      We are using iPlanet ECXpert 3.5 as an EDI gateway.
      Now, i have developed an application using ECXpert Java API classes where it uses JEcxSubmit.submit() function to submit documents. The problem is that before using the submit method i need to provide the JEcxSubmit.setPassword() method to provide the sender's password which is stored as encrypted in the database. Can anyone tell me how to decrypt the password. I had tried the JEcxCrypto.decrypt method but it always throw JNI exception with err#1.

      Please let me know if anybody has the solution.
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          hmmmm. It's been awhile but I suspect you have to know the password and set it in clear. In other words, you can't submit documents on behalf of a sender for whom you don't know the password.

          I think there is a setting that allows a member (admin powers???) to submit on behalf of another sender.

          Very suspect observation because it's been awhile since I fussed with ECXpe
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            If you select you sender as "trusted" in the membership page, you don't need to provide the password.

            This may not be the correct answer for your question, hope still it works for you
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              Have you tried it and does this method can successfully solve the problem? Our edi system encountered this problem too.