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    Error in using JMSSend Communication agent

      hai all,
      If anybody has been using or knows about the JMS Send agent in ecxpert?

      I am trying to use the JMS Send feature in ecxpert. But i can't see any message been published successfully. There is no logs to see also, i don't know what is happening?

      Steps i followed

      1. Created a jndi.properties file
      2. Created a service list and a respective partnership
      3. While creating the partnership in the protocols tab i specified the outgoing protocol as "JMS Send"
      4. Entered respective QCF, Q jndi names
      5. Left the JMS UserID, JMS Password fields as empty

      if anybody knows
      What i have to enter for Receiver and filetype fields?
      what i have to enter for replyto fields? is those fields are compulsory?
      What are the other things to do?