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    solve 0's problem in actuate

      I am working on actuate reports with eRD professional6.0.
      I am working with a report where I need to export the search results to csv file.
      Lets say I have a text field assetId.my data is like 00002345,23232355,q34d45r all in a text field.

      On the server,when I am downloading this data to csv,I get the data 2345 omitting zeros.since excel or csv considers this data as an integer.

      To solve this,I am appending the data with a single quote.eg.00002345' so that same data can be displayed on csv file.

      To do this,I am writing a javascript so that it displays the same data when I click download.

      For instance,


      Go Button.

      when I click go,whole mechanism should get executed.I am downloading to csv in active portal.For the past 2 days I am stuck with this.The question is,

      How to extract the resulting data or report instance? I am able to do modify the data.