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    Simple integration task.

      Hi all.

      I have an integration task such as follows:

      There are two applications: simple Web client (A) and C++ application (B) at the remote host. (A) composes some instructions to be executed by (B). And (B) has to send some results to (A).
      I wanna make a simple integration of both these applications. I've created an iIS Backbone with two independent proxies for (A) and (B).
      These proxies operate like HTTP servers. I've also written inbound stylesheets for them.

      I have two questions.

      First, how does the application (A) send data to its proxy? What should the application look like?

      Second, I don't understand the way how XML data is transferred from an application to its proxy. Should it be POSTed some way like HTTP?

      Would you please give me some advice or example of using independent proxies?