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    Question about adapter

      Hi ...

      I need help, please. I installed the C adapter and got this error message in client.out :

      HTTPSend() Failed to return response!

      Could anyone tell me what have caused that? Thanks.
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          Hi All,

          I have another question. I try to run a simple process using modified C adapter. After running the process with UCC, the process will send the result of the process to my application through the C adapter (demosvr). But, there is an error. The error log of the proxy contains this message :

          INFORMATION: Partner Send attempt failed despite use of alternatives.
          Failure policy is ABORT (201).
          Class: PartnerException
          Last TOOL statement: method SendXMLAction.Perform

          The error happens after the adapter requested for authentication from the proxy. I've set the proxy's username and password using SetAplUser, but the error still occurs. Do anyone have a clue about what's going on here?

          Thanks and regards.