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    Integration Server Tuning


      Hi there,

      Actually I have a full iPlanet solution up running on Solaris 8 environment, which contains:
      -     iPlanet Application Server 6.5
      -     iPlanet Directory Server 4.1
      -     iPlanet Web Server 4.1
      -     iPlanet Integration Server (EAI) 2.6
      -     iPlanet Portal Server 3.0

      And I want to monitor the Integration Server performance and to tune the required parameters.

      So that, firstly I want to know what is the services that I should monitor to make sure that the Integration Server is up and running and performing well.

      And then, I want to know if there is any tool which can help me evaluate the Integration Server performance and find out the proper tuning parameter in case if it is needed.

      Many Thanks