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    Configurin ecxpert3.6 with  ldap(Novell Directory server)

      Attempting to configure ECXpert for use with Novell eDirectory LDAP for members. Have configured directory server according to steps 1,2,3 on pg 201 of ECXpert Admin guide. Modified LDAP section of ECXpert's ecx.ini file to point to configured directory server. Successfully applied password for the LDAP user (userid = ECX). Switched ECXpert to use LDAP rather than Oracle Database for authentication. Successfully logged on to TradingXpert and ECXpert Admin console using ECX user as defined in LDAP.

      Stopped ECXpert server and run bdgmbtoldap utility as documented on pg 203 of Admin guide in order to migrate remaining members from Oracle to LDAP.

      Output from bdgmbtoldap utility included 3 SQL statements and several 'bad object' errors. Screen shot can be sent on request.

      Restarted ECXpert Admin server and attempted to log in to Admin console as ECX.

      Login was unsuccessful with an LDAP error. Appears that the bdgmbtoldap utility has deleted the ECX user from LDAP server and not copied any members across from Oracle Members table.