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    Announcement: Sun ONE Connector Builder

      Date: Friday, May 4, 2002
      Subject: Sun ONE Connector Builder - Call for Beta testing
      From: Sun ONE Connector Builder Product Team

      Dear Developer,

      The Sun ONE Connector Builder product team wants you
      to test drive the pre-release version of our new product
      and participate in the Beta program. The Beta version of
      Sun ONE Connector Builder is available NOW at the URL:

      Sun ONE Connector Builder is a development tool for building
      standards-based connectors to access enterprise applications.
      It can build Connectors that are compliant with the J2EE Connector
      Architecture (JCA) spec which is part of the J2EE 1.3 standard.
      It integrates with the Sun ONE Studio (formerly Forte for Java)
      Enterprise Edition 4.0 development environment.

      The target customers for Sun ONE Connector Builder are
      Enterprise IT developers, ISV developers, Professional Services,
      and System Integrator consultants who need to build connectors from
      enterprise applications such as ERP, SCM, CRM, and Custom
      applications to various J2EE and Web applications that may be based
      on the Sun ONE Application Server 6.5 or Sun ONE Web Server 6.0,
      as well as any J2EE 1.3 compatible Application Server.

      To obtain more information on the Sun ONE Connector Builder
      and Download the Beta, please go to the URL:
      If you have any questions, please email icb-feedback@sun.com

      Sun ONE Connector Builder Product Team

      If you want a Sun ONE Connector Builder product team member to contact
      you, please return the following information to icb-feedback@sun.com

      Customer Name:
      Email address:
      Phone number:
      Sun Sales Rep or SE Name:
      Company Name:

      Please show your answers below and describe your project
      or interest in J2EE Connector Architecture based Connectors
      to access enterprise applications.

      Your Role

      -- Enterprise IT developer
      -- ISV developer
      -- Professional Services Consultant
      -- Other

      Please Describe Briefly Your Connector Project

      List Enterprise Applications:

      List J2EE or Web based Applications:

      Brief Project Description: