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    can't execute servlet page and JSP page after deploy

      I follow getting started iAS intergration Module that use forte for java ee 3.0 to devalop module.after i deploy servlet page and JSP page,I execute servlet page and JSP page .But it doen't not show anything, how can I solve this problem?

      These from the iPlanet Deployment output window of forte for java

      sung:10 kas> deployment action ''J2EEInstallWar'' (e:/iplanet/ias6/ias/JAR/sample_jsp.war) running.
      sung:webappreg -nodeprecated e:/iplanet/ias6/ias/JAR/sample_jsp.war 2>&1
      sung:10 Connected to LDAP server on sung port 389
      sung:10 iPlanet Application Server is running in international mode
      sung:10 The current input file= e:/iplanet/ias6/ias/JAR/sample_jsp.war
      sung:10 AppComponentDescriptor: com.netscape.server.deployment.WebAppDescriptor
      sung:10 All EnvEntries name:
      sung:10 All Ejb-refs:
      sung:10 All Resource-refs:
      sung:10 WebAppName is sample_jsp
      sung:20 kas> deployment action ''J2EEInstallWar'' (e:/iplanet/ias6/ias/JAR/sample_jsp.war) complete.
      Deployment Successful. The server may have cached information/classes.

      Finished deploying to sung at [10/ธ.ค./2001 22:14:50]
      IAS Execution Note: make sure that the j2ee module or application has been deployed before using execution.