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    Running UDS 5.2.31 on windows 2003

      We installed UDS 5.2.31 on windows 2003 (server) and UDS 5.2.31 on client and tried to run the app.
      I get the following exceptions(mentioned below). Also the app distribution is not installed under D:\UDS5231\userapp\ - directory. - Any idea as to what could be causing this exception and preventing the app from running? any reply to this is greatly appreciated. thanks.

      ERROR: TMgr.RunThread: task user terminated -escaped exception:

      SYSTEM ERROR: Unable to complete operation on Repository
      Class: qqsp_ImplementationException
      Detected at: qqrp_Repository::Fetch
      Error Time: Wed Mar 19 14:43:31

      WARNING: Error attempting to read repository record (64,0,65785); record does
      not exist! (RecordSize = -1).
      Class: qqsp_ImplementationException
      Detected at: qqrp_Repository::ReadBlob
      Error Time: Wed Mar 19 14:43:31

      USER ERROR: The current node has no node manager. Therefore, it is not
      possible to run the requested assigned applet or application.
      Class: qqsp_UsageException
      Detected at: LaunchMgr.RunApplet
      Last TOOL statement: method LaunchMgr.RunApplet
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          I am not sure if UDS client can run on Windows 2003. Try installing the client on XP and then connecting to the UDS server on Win 2003.

          Here is the release Matrix: http://docs.sun.com/source/819-4095-10/index.html

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            thank you kamran for your reply. Actually iam running the client on windows XP only. On running the app, the distribution should install under the directory D:\UDS5231\userapp\. but is not happening. The .btd and .btx files do get installed under the directory D:\UDS5231\sysdata\envrepos but for some reason the app distribution is not happening. Thanks.
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              Looks to me as you are trying to run a Fort� client against an incompatible Fort� server partition.

              Couple of questions to try to help you out.

              1)Did you by any chance exported a workspace without keeping the ids?
              If so the IDs of the same class differ on the server and the client hence the attempt to find the SO/proxy fails. Redo an export from fscript by specifying ids ExportWorkspace <file_name> ids

              2)Updated from a previous version of Fort�

              3)Made a fresh install and then copied across some already compiled (.btd)

              Try to start the app client using the ftexec -fi bt:{path to your btd client} -fns w.x.y.z:port that may give you some more valuable info than going thru the launch server.

              If you can, shut down the environment(clients, devrepos, nodemgr ... etc ), rename the ee1sysj0.btd file, restart nodemgr, repos server and reinstall the app partitions thru the eConsole, you'd have to recreate any resource (DB connection & else)

              If none of the above can you make a walkthru of the Fort� & App installs and specify the nodes and partitions on those nodes (don't care about the real names).

              I don't see any reason why this should not work.
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                Thank you for your response. I will try out as suggested and post the outcome.
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                  Does anyone know if Forte 4GL is compatiable with Windows Server 2003?

                  Any info would be really appreciated.
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                    Yes only the server side. Do not use it as a client.

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                      Lame questions :
                      What exact version of Forté are you referring to ?
                      and What flavour of Win 2003 (32 or 64 bit) ?
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                        I'm running Forte 3.0.M.2 and Windows 2003 server 32bit. Here is a quick breakdown of the environement and the problem. I have remote machine on the west coast(Fullerton,CA) running Windows Server 2003 32 bit version along with the Forte Client 3.0.M.2. My backend is AIX 5.3 with DB2v8 and the Forte Client and App which located in Chicago.

                        When I communicate from the client which is on the west coast to my backend server in Chicago, I get errors that related to a date and time stamp issue. The date appears to be coming in the following format DD-M-YYYY. The forte application running on the backend expects to see the date in the following format YYYY-MM-DD. In troubleshooting, this problem I have found that when I set the timezone to Central Standard time on my remote machine I don't get the error. I would like to know is there something that could be done on the Windows Server 2003, Forte, or DB2 to correct this issue.

                        Any info is appreciated.
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                          Sorry I missed your last post on the application error and the whole DB2 v8 thingy.

                          The only thing that did not change in your environment is Forté, that leaves us with DB2 AIX & Win

                          Did you have a chance to look at the


                          It looks to me it is the issue you are experiencing,
                          Can you let me know what fixpak your on ;o)?

                          But since it seems to fix the issue to set both machines on the same time zone that may not be the case ... it leaves Windows or AIX so connect to the new backend (AIX 5.3) with a NT 2000 machine and you may have an answer as where is the issue.


                          from IBM ... it says

                          Problem conclusion

                          Problem was first fixed in Version 8.1 (I know it says 8.1 but IBM have got some weird ways with numbering eg. DB2 UDB Version 8.1 FixPak 11 (also known as Version 8.2 FixPak 4))
                          FixPak 11 (s060120).

                          Temporary fix

                          Modify the .NET appication to format the DateTime
                          value to the
                          'YYYY-MM-DD' string as follows:
                          cmd.Parameters("@C1").Value = Now
                          -> cmd.Parameters("@C1").Value = Format(Now(),