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    Not seeing network drive mappings in Forte 3.0.N.2


      I just bought a new server with Windows Server 2003 and I'm trying to use it as a Forte Application Server. I can't see any of the drive mappings on the server other than the local drives.

      In the past with Windows 2000 and earlier, I have been able to logon the Forte service using a network logon instead of the local system account and I've been able to use files on different servers in conjunction with the forte application.

      Any ideas as to what the difference is between Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 and how to work around this?

      Any ideas are appreciated,

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          Hi Mari,

          Have you ever run into any issues running Forte 3.0.M.2 client on Windows Server 2003. I'm curious to see if you have had any issue with date time format. I'm currently running the client on Windows Server 2003 and when I talk to my Forte developed app that runs on a backend DB2v7 database I have invalid date and time format problems

          Any ideas are appreciated
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            A little bit more info would help,
            -is this the results of any recent update / migration?
            -where the error is occurring? Server or Client
            -are you running the back end on AIX?
            - is this the datetimedata or datetimenullable ?
            -what client version of the DB are you running on the Win 2003 client Forté 3.0.M is certified with DB2 v5.2 & v6.1 so if you are using the DB2 v7 client I would advise you to install one of the certified version.

            An error dump could help.

            Notes :
            -There used to be a random bug with Forté 3.0.M & DB2 v 5.2 (on AIX 4.3.x) where things were working fine most of the time ... but that is not very helpful
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              Hi Fortever,

              We are doing a migration. I will have to check with my Open Systems to team to find out the AIX version. But I do know we are on DB2 version 7 and planning on migrating our Forte app to DB2 version 8. We are also migrating our front terminal servers from NT 4.0 to Windows 2003. In our testing we are getting DB2 errors that relate to invalid date format. As we do our testing, we are noticing from client to backend which is currenlty AIX and DB2 version 7 and even against DB2 version 8 we are seeing DB2 errors. The error is the following ODBC SQLExecute failed CLI0114E Datetime field overflow. SQLSTATE=22008. Is there anything special in terms of setting up the Forte 3.0.M.2 client on Windows Server 2003. or is it even supported.Or could it be an issue with our Forte app and DB2.

              Any help would be really appreciated.
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                If I understand well the connection is handled from the Win 2003 and there isn't any Forté runtime on the backend.

                If this is the case :
                The DB is accessed from the W2k3 client through ODBC and Forté is only re-raising a DB2/ODBC error.

                If you're having the error on an "Insert", I'd say the format is not valid (the one sent from Forté to the ODBC)
                Something may have changed in the version of the ODBC runtime
                Try to reinstall a DB2 v5 or v6 ODBC on the Win 2003 or modify the Forté DateTime format.

                If the error is from a Select ... then there is something wrong in DB2 (which is less likely) and I shall leave your DB admin to investigate.
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                  There is a Client running on the backend. On the Windows Server 2003 side, I'm running the Forte runtime Client for NT. According to the documentation for Forte, the only thing needed is the client. Is it possible for Forte to communicate with DB2 with the client on the backend without having some sort of DB2 client running on the Windows Server.
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                    Could you post the complete Forté error and where you can see the error (from the console on the win2003 or form $FORTE_ROOT/log on the AIX)
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                      Hi Fortever,

                      The error being received is the following:

                      operation failed for the following reason: Execute failed for SQL statement in project
                      SubscriberServices, class SubscriberMgr method Update, methodId 12, line 62, error from database is:
                      ODBC SQLExecute failed.
                      [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0114E Datetime field overflow. SQLSTATE=22008 Please contact your system Administrator.

                      In talking with oru DB2 guys and application team, it appears that the date format is being changed.

                      This seems to happen on the backend. The error is coming up in our test environment going from the following:

                      Windows Server 2003 which is runnning Forte 3.5 Runtime Client for NT going against our backend DB2 database v8 which also has the Forte application along with the Forte runtime client.

                      To give a brief history of our current setup and the new setup which is where we are seeing issues is the following:

                      Old environemt and backend New environment and backend

                      NT 4.0 Windows Server 2003
                      Forte 3.0.M.2 Runtime Client for NT Forte 3.0.M.2 Runtime Client for NT

                      AIX 4.3 Linux (RedHat 4.0)
                      DB2 v7 DB2 v8
                      Forte app and client Forte app and client

                      There are no ODBC drivers or JDBC drivers being used. According to the documentation from Forte they are not needed. All the issues we are having which is in the new environement is related to date issues.

                      Is there anything that we are missing.

                      Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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                        Sorry I got confused,

                        So you haven't got any Forté app on the backend, anyway the Forte DB2 interface is implemented using the IBM supplied CLI/ODBC interface. For DB2 version 5, this is called the 'Call-Level Interface', and for DB2 v6, this is called the ODBC interface. They are the same thing; the product was not certified for ODBC compliance until version 6.
                        So you need some CAE (Client Adapter Enabler) or v5.2 or v6.1 Client Runtime on the Win2003 (how you got it there is unknown to me but it must be there).

                        The Forte executable is linked against the DB2 Connect 5.2. According to IBM, it is compatible and can run against either version of DB2 database. Well we are 3 or 4 version later so things may go off.

                        So It goes down to DB2 ... the error has to come from changes in the DB, check


                        to see if it applies to your env. and if the fix fixes it.
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                          Hi Fortever,

                          I do have a Forte App on the backend? Sorry for the confusion. This is the documentation that I've been looking through for Forte http://dlc.sun.com/pdf/806-6668-01/806-6668-01.pdf which matches up with what we have. I've been focusing on the the Windows NT/2000 sections which matches up with my setup on the Windows severs. In reading through this doc, it doesn't make any reference to the DB2 client.

                          Old environemt and backend:

                          NT 4.0
                          Forte 3.0.M.2 Runtime Client for NT
                          AIX 4.3
                          DB2v7-Forte App on Backend

                          New environment and backend:

                          Windows Server 2003
                          Forte 3.0.M.2 Runtime Client for NT
                          (RedHat 4.0)
                          DB2 v8-Forte App on Backend

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