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    UDS/Forte to Open Source

      Does anyone know if Sun planes to move UDS/Forte to open source?

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          I don't know but we can argue and place bets.

          Sun wants to be an opensource company ... and therefore get the money from selling support.

          Sun accepted from SAP a paid extension for supporting Java 1.4.

          This is money crisis time so companies that haven't migrated will stick with the existing gear they have ... my experience in migrating to Java, you need 8 times more CPUs.

          Sun is laying of people, so how many Forté persons are being given the gate ? Supporting is depending on that.

          Nothing will happen before October 2009 when the thing is dead in the water.

          The fate of Forté may well follow the Solaris 8 pattern, if Solaris 8 is given to the open source community there is hope ...

          So here is my 2p bet.

          Sun will try to kill that thing off.
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            We just completed our UDS migration to .NET and to my surprise the thing is working better then UDS in terms of hardware requirements. Sure nothing can come close to UDS but the conversion was a relatively straight forward experience.

            Let’s hope Sun does the right thing and let us have the source code so we can take this software to the next level.

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              When MS centric I think that .NET is not a bad choice. Any .NET on a UNIX box in your migration ? I think the best would be ObjectiveC 2.0 (thanks to Apple cash/tech injection into Forté at the beginning) but no one is with me on that one ... I wonder why???

              Opensource it please, Sun p p p please.

              That would be nice if could get our plea heard.