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    Forte to Java Migration Tools

      We are in the process of migrating our Forte Application to J2EE environment with IBM Websphere as the App Server. Just wanted to know if any of the guys are migrating your applications esp. using any automated tools?
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          To my knowledge there are no migration tools out there that will convert Forte code to Java. We are currently getting a framework ready so that we can start converting our Forte code to Java. We are currently using the Apache’s Jakarta Struts project as a starting point for our framework. You can get more information on this at:
          We are using Jboss as out application server and Ant as our distribution mechanism.
          http://www.jboss.org. Then we write TOOL code to create EJBs of our old objects and plug them into our framework. We are just starting off but will let you know when its finished.

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            Hey Kevin,
            Its Interesting to know that there's a successful attempt made to convert Forte to Java. Further exciting was that you could convert GUI of Forte to Java... ( well this was the last thing on my mind)...
            Going to Java via XML seems to be a good Idea. But Iam surprised that you have found it easy. Does your application have most of the Forte features? Yes, Iam definitely interested to know. It also helps other users too..
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              I know of no commercially available tools to convert Forte to Java but for a previous client of mine I wrote such a utility. I can't share it, as it belongs to them, but I'd be happy to give you some advice on writing your own version. It wasn't all that difficult but it was rather time consuming. The program I wrote was written in Java and read Forte export files and converted the code from TOOL to Java. It utilized XML-based meta data to direct the output. Via this meta data the utility could do such things as creating Swing GUIs, HTML GUIs, EJBs, including MDBs for asynchronous TOOL tasks.

              Please reply if you'd like more information.
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                hi joe ,

                I need ur help could u pls give ur personal mail id...i want to discuss on the migration strategies
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                  We have a product that translates Forte TOOL code to Java. It's called the F2JXlator.

                  F2JXlator is more than just a language translator. It not only handles one to one mapping translations, but also complex translations that are specific to Forte. It also translates architectural components like Service Objects, Event Loops, etc.,

                  Please check our website at www.agileitpartners.com for more information or you could send an email to info@agileitpartners.com for more information.

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                    we have been very successful migrating our few forte applications to websphere. We were lucky to have a partnership with a vendor having some interesting tools to migrate the forte code and also the GUI to java. Their past experience was very useful. Joe, let me know if you need more info..

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                      Which company and which tools did you use to migrate to websphere? We are very very intrested!

                      Edwin Dorre
                      Allshare Personnel BV

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                        Hi Dave,

                        We have done the migration of the business layer but looking forward for migration of Forte GUI to Web based possibly on MVC Architecture.

                        Our migration budgets are low as business is not finding any value add from our project and the economy is not helping us too...
                        ( except that we can come down on maintenance). Tools will certainly be a great help.

                        Interesting to see GUI Migration. Iam definitely interested to know the approach. Have you done any web migration in your project?

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                          By the Way,
                          Has anyone tried to migrate to sun one server?
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                            Edwin ,

                            Guess, I am not authorised to disclose the name of the company here...but could connect you, once I check with them..drop in a mail to me at dreeve70@yahoo.com if you are interested.

                            Joe- we had one large application migrated from Forte to Java (swing) and another from Web enterprise to JSP and their tools were very useful. They had a good migration practice, methodology and experience which is equally important as the tools..


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                              Hi guys,

                              Just to share a bit of our experience:
                              First thing, if you are using sub-clases of the Forte framework, work-out the equivalents in Java. That is for starters. We have been able to migrate our custom version of the Forte framework (sub-clases of textdata,doubledata,etc) using the Java classes provided for IIOP support.

                              Second thing, migrate your domain and model clases.

                              Third, GUI migration is not 100% perfect but you can build a tool for parsing a PEX file and create source code based on it. We have done this for generating dirty java screens, they still need to be sized and widgets re-arrenged manually.

                              and the main thing: analyze your architecture to see if it is feasible to replicate it in the Java world. You may expect to have to re-engineer some things when migrating from Forte to Java.

                              Hope this helps
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                                Seems to be every one is building their own custom tools...
                                How are you guys getting the widget information from forte?
                                What about Array fields.. We have a lot of them in our screens..

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                                  To All those who are migrating from Forte to Java.. Could you help in how are you migrating a session duration service object into J2EE?

                                  We have a session duration service object that holds some global data that is accessed across the complete application and has event listeners and posts events as well.
                                  I am not finding EJB as a right solution.

                                  How are these handled?
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                                    Forte and J2EE use a different paradigm for distributed computing. A direct mapping is when you have a environment visible service object that specifies method as dialog duration. It can be mapped to a state-less EJB.

                                    J2EE does not have such concept of distributed events, but it has JMS which is a messaging architecture. You can use messages to simulate Forte events.

                                    Hope this helps...
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